Dusting off the BigBox Dual

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    Hi All,
    So I never really got into the 3D printing when I got my Dual on kickstater,, went for all of it!!

    Now I have some time on my hands I thought I would give it a go. So have plugged it all in and get it set up with slicer, octopi and.... now i remember why I didn't have the time to sort out things.

    I have a simplify3d profile I found on this forum for the Dual
    I have leveled the bed, - moved the IR leveled again.

    Tried to update firmware.... no luck as all docs are our of date, i'm on RC 3

    1/ I auto home before all prints.
    2/ hit print from octopi and then the first thing it does is crash whilst trying to get to the dock (sometimes)
    3/ then hits the glass on the way out
    4/ then dosen't stick to the glass

    So far I got 1 print that of a 2cm cube that well was a nightmare, each time there is something else wrong.

    Now I know i'm 4 years behind, but
    1/ are there any updated docs for the dual
    2/ how do i update firmware now plugins have moved on - there is now AVR MCU and AVE programmer Type... what should I put in these
    3/ how do i get it to LEVEL and stick! keep using the paper trick and no luck!
    4/ any better simplify3d slicer profile that is designed when using just one extruder!? (lets start with one)

    Any help greatly appreciated
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