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    I originally posted this on the Solidoodle>Electronics+Hardware forum(http://www.soliforum.com/topic/13450/e3d-lite6-ptfe-shift/) but I'm hoping to get a quick answer so I can start printing this customers order sooner rather than later, I've already had to put it off several days. The pics referenced below can be found on the Solidoodle post.

    First off, I love this hotend. Installed on my i3 many months ago and saw better quality prints, improved flow, and no more PLA clogging/motor skips. It's been a champ, the past 1.5 months it has been running non-stop!

    Which leads to my issue, a customer wanted a print that was just a little too big. So, accepting the invisible challenge, I found a new extruder setup that gave me quite a bit more z height. Tested by printing a tall and thin print to make sure it would make it alright to the new height, which it did.

    The ptfe liner was cut flush against the black collet after it was locked into place when I installed it on my original setup(the hotend was much closer to the extruder then), and now I wish I would have bought some extra ptfe because I should have run it right up to the extruder on the new setup, but I didn't.

    I started the large print in PLA, and everything was going fine for a minute, then I noticed the filament would bend a little, cause the motor to skip. I went to check on my daughter quickly, and when I came back the filament was just bunching up between the extruder and hotend and the ptfe liner had been pushed up quite a bit, as shown in the photo.

    It's my assumption the I either didn't have the ptfe liner locked in like I thought I did, or the extruder was pushing filament into the hotend too quickly, and the resulting pressure pushed melted filament between the end of the ptfe liner and the walls of the heatsink.

    Interested in what others think about this, and what I might be able to do to fix it.

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    PTFE being pushed up means that the collet isn't grabbing the PTFE. You have to pull the collet up while pushing the PTFE down to ensure it is locked. If you cut the PTFE flush with the collet and pushed down on both, you left collet in the unlocked position when starting the print.

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    I had trouble getting the collet to hold. So I modified the pathway into the extruder instead; just melted it closed a bit, so that only the filament could get through it, but not the liner. Has been holding great for months.

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