E3D-v6 hotend with titan extruder 3mm bowden, need some help

Discussion in 'E3D-v6 and Lite6' started by JUSS10, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Ok so first post here. I have been in charge of running an ultimaker 2+ in my model shop at work for the last year. I've wanted to get my own printer but just couldn't afford something that nice. A local model shop I work with had some printers they wanted to sell including one that was broken. I was able to pick up a Mankati fullscale XT for a couple hundred bucks. It was a dual extruder 3mm bowden style printer that is a ultimaker style printer. Turns out the printer wasn't broken, it was just such a poorly designed hot end. The bowden tube slid all the way down in to the nozzle and would swell and expand causing jamming issues and other stuff. That said, it printed really well when it was working right, essentially ultimaker quality.

    Knowing the issues with the hot end I decided to take the plunge and redesign the whole hot end assembly and get a E3D-v6 hot end for it. It also seemed to have some extruder issues so I ordered a titan extruder as well.

    The printer is now a single nozzle setup. All that said, I am just struggling to get decent prints with this setup. I guess I was hoping someone on this forum has a 3mm bowden setup that is using the titan extruder with an E3D and can point me in the right direction for settings.

    As a side note, I did calibrate the extruder per thomas sanladerer's youtube video. Also calibrated the hotend.

    One thing to note, I am still running the stock firmware that came on the printer. Something I wish I didn't have to do, but its a custom board inside and I can't get enough info on it to make a new marlin firmware flash with certainty. That means that the temperature the hot end is reading is wrong as the new v6 nozzles use the different thermistor than the standard that most units used in the past.

    Any help here is appreciated as I am at my wits end with this printer at the minute and I am about to cut my loses and just go order a prusi i3 mk3.

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    Where was Titan sourced from? How about the nozzle? What's the actual issue with the prints? Any pictures? What size nozzle? What slicer? What settings?

    You'll probably continue to struggle if you can't be sure of the temperature at the hot end. If you're not sure about the board and or/can't flash it, consider investing in a Duet as it will put you on firm ground.

    The prusa is using an E3D so, buying a Prusa won't get you away from E3D, but it will move you to 1.75mm plastic, which is also an option for you if you swap the the Titan and the hotend.
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    Have you tried the forum?


    To find out about the Mankati controller, this could well be the source of your temperature problems, i.e. not having the right interface for the sensor, thermistor or thermocouple or the PT100 as E3D say the PT100 isn't either, info here...............


    (your note "the new v6 nozzles use the different thermistor than the standard that most units used in the past" seems to suggest that {the PT100 you have with the V6?} isn't the same sensor as originally used on your Mankati) this is almost certainly the root of your problems as not having the right interface will totally screw up your temperature setting.

    If you don't already know what type of sensor the Mankati used then ask in the forum.

    A PT100 sensor needing an interface board certainly for the Rumba as in the original BigBox (read the E3D WiKi on assembly and you will see the interface board) and I believe that the Duet needs an added interface for a PT100 sensor too.

    As Spoon Unit says change to the Duet, it's either saving money or your sanity.
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    I am not familiar with the Mankati, but this http://forum.mankati.com/topic/176-new-marlin-firmware-for-full-scale-xt-plus-source-code/ forum thread suggests to me that whatever the board is, it appears to be based on some variant of the RAMPS/RUMBA style of Arduino based solution running Marlin firmware.

    That assumed the XT and XT Plus are using the same basic electronics of course.

    Beyond that, I'd be following what Spoon Unit and Old_Tafr have suggested.

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