E3D V6 in a Robo3D R1+ is having weird extrusion issues

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    Seems i've finally run into a problem big enough to make an account here and not just rely on /r/3d_printing for a quick fix. I got an old, beat up robo3D r1+ that has been lovingly dubbed "Cranky Frank". Swapped the original Robo extruder out for the e3D V6 a year or so ago, and haven't had too many problems. But now, with the filament shortages, I had to get a few reels of Geeetech PLA instead of Hatchbox, my go-to, and it's causing some... issues:
    photo_2020-07-10_15-17-03.jpg photo_2020-07-10_16-39-00.jpg photo_2020-07-12_11-56-17 (2).jpg photo_2020-07-12_11-56-17.jpg

    As you can see, the print starts out fantastic, but as it goes on the walls start to get all bubbly and weird. Haven't seen a partial failure like this before, which is why i'm here. It seems to be a symptom of too much heat, because when i went to cancel one of the prints i reached in and squeezed the half printed piece and it was hot enough to be soft to the touch at least 50 layers down. Frank is enclosed in an acrylic box with soundproofing foam since it's a dorm room printer, so it retains a lot of heat. The rear mounted filament cooling fan (not the e3D heatsink fan) is busted as well, but it's been busted for probably 5 years now so i don't think it's suddenly become a problem now. I'm still using Mattercontrol for my slicer, and these are the relevant heat specs that i've been slightly tweaking with no improvement:

    Filament: PLA
    Heat Setting: extruder=200C, bed: 55C
    Retraction distance: 3 mm, (Z-list is 0.5mm)
    Speed: 50-60 mm/s

    the subreddit folks were pretty insistent that the nozzle is partially clogged, but i just finished a full cleanup and shakedown of the entire extruder assembly just to get this Geeetech filament to extrude BEFORE this weird tumor-printing problem started, so i'm 95% sure it isn't that. Anyone have any ideas? i got tons of lockdown projects that i'd really like to print and Hatchbox isn't back in stock until the 20th.


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