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    Apr 1, 2016
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    Hi all. I have a prusa I3 with a E3DV5 hotend.
    I can print PLA now (I had some problems in the past with filament stucking). ABS gives me no problem at all
    I want to use B-PET (a PET filament made of recicled PET). Its IF temperature is more than PLA but smaller than ABS. It print at around 250 degrees. But basically it seems to suffer of problems if the heatbreak is not cooled.
    When I try to print with t, I can print a few layers and the the hotend jamms. If I retract the filament I can continue printing till it jamms again. The problem arises when printing slowly. If I go to 60mms/s I can print but not relailably
    The problem is the heatbreak. I can feel the lower fins of the heasink to be hot, and I have read that they shouldn't. The heatsink cooler is on all the time. I have checked the mounting instructions: I used heat thermal paste. Im useing a 40mm cooler fan. Also, I have even tried a 120mm radial fan wich blows tooons of air. That improved teh situation but I still gets jams specialle when the print slows below 50mms/s.

    Any ideas why the cooling in the heatsink is not working as expected or why so much heat is being transfered to the heatbreak?

    Thanks in advanced
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    A picture showing your heat break will be helpful.

    It is probably also worth cleaning your nozzle and/or replacing it with the improved v6 design, which is fully compatible with v5 blocks.

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