Ender 5 Pro (v1.1.5 TMC2208) - Hemera Install Questions - grinding noise

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    I have installed the Hemera on my Ender 5 Pro. Physical install and wiring went fine.

    The stock creality E Stepper (see image below) and the Hemera stepper have pins 3 & 4 swapped so I updated this in my wiring loom and verified with a continuity tester.

    Hemera stepper datasheet (see page 6).


    Flashed TH3D firmware U1.R2.A2
    set the following switches in addition to the standard stuff:

    // If you have a direct drive machine with a filament sensor uncomment DIRECT_DRIVE_PRINTER to decrease the unload length from 100mm to 20mm

    // If you want to change the Esteps for your printer you can uncomment the below line and set CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE to what you want - USE WHOLE NUMBERS ONLY
    // This option sets the esteps from the CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE line below.
    // If you need to reverse the e motor direction also enabled the REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION option.
    // Example EStep Values: TH3D Aluminum Extruder - 95 ESteps, TH3D Tough Extruder - 463 ESteps, BMG Extruder - 415 ESteps

    // When installing a Tough Extruder or E3D Titan or Bondtech that is Geared you likely need to enable the REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION option
    #define CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE 400
    #define CUSTOM_ESTEPS
    #define REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION (I tried this both ways with no visible changes)

    // If you are using an E3D V6 Hotend (or Hemera) with their cartridge thermistor (not glass version) uncomment the below line.
    #define V6_HOTEND

    I couldn't figure out what Vref to use, found this post on youtube (Ryan Unruh) in the comments

    vref calculation for 2208s 1.3A stepper motor on the hemera 1.3/1.41 = .942 (root mean square) (.943 * 2.5) / 1.77 = 1.33 (max vref) 1.33 * .9 = 1.19 (final vref with safety margin)

    I used a ceramic screwdriver and a meter to adjust my vref on the v1.1.5 board to 1.19v as indicated.

    :confused: Issues:
    When I start up the printer, get the hot end up to temp, the hemera makes a grinding noise when it attempts to extrude. It doesn't seem to be powerful enough to pull in the filament as I try to load it. I am not sure it is turning in the right direction. Obviously something is wrong. Things to check would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you take the spring out of the original Bowden extruder?

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