Esteps/mm and the BB dual

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    Hi All,

    I configured the Esteps/mm for Extruder 1 on my dual, I am using the same E3D everyday PLA filament in both extruders (just different color) and so both seem to extrude the same 100mm when the esteps/mm is set to 297, however, what should be configured if the filaments in Extruder 1 and 2 are completely different?

    I also had a problem that as every time I printed using one of the E3D S3D profiles the Esteps/mm value would be returned to 320, I spotted that in the Tool Change Script it had the following:

    ;extruder steps per mm
    {IF NEWTOOL=0}M92 E320 ;adjust steps per mm for your filament in extruder 0 (L)
    {IF NEWTOOL=1}M92 E320 ;adjust steps per mm for your filament in extruder 1 (R)

    So I adjusted both of these to 297, however this left me wondering why I would set the Esteps/mm in the firmware if the value is being set as part of the slicer (although I can see clearly here that each nozzle can be set independently unlike with the firmware).

    E3D, it would be great to have some documentation that describes your suggested workflow, especially when using S3D as the slicer (i.e. what parameters need to be adjusted for your specific printer and what the parameters do). i.e. What parameters should be set in the slicer vs what can/should be set in the firmware, my preference would be to set as much as possible in the firmware so that I can switch between slicers, or even take other peoples gcode and not have to worry about nozzle offsets or esteps/mm being set incorrectly.



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