extruder not feeding material

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    Have spent the best part of today getting back into the Bigbox.

    about a year ago, the nozzle on my dual blocked; Its taken till today to fit a new hot end, replace 1 stepper controller and recalibrate the bed level etc.

    everything is now working.....except that when i set it to print; nothing comes out; the motor shows no sign of movement/noise etc. it was working last time i used it. I cant seem to work out how to test it. I can go into the menu and move all the other motors apart from the extruders.

    Its a dual big box with titan extruders.

    I use it as single extruder, using the top mounted extruder. the other nozzle seems to suffer with maxtemp error, so if i shut it down it works fine.

    could it be the motor? or am i missing something?
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    First things first, we've all been there and whatever it is, someone here knows how to fix it.

    To me, it sounds like something is loose. After you check that's not the case you can try the following.

    Each hotend/extruder has four things connecting to it to the Rumba:

    1) The heater cartridge
    2) The leads from a PT-100 board
    3) Power to the heatsink fan
    4) Stepper cable

    Make sure all of these cables are labeled as to which belongs to which hotend or things may get more confused!

    Swap all of them from hotend 0 to hotend 1 and vice versa.

    If something IS broken, the problem will have moved to the other hotend. If not, something was loose and you just fixed it (except now your wires are backwards and you have to undo what you just did)

    Report what you find :)
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    As Ephemeris says swapping connections over from a working to none working setup is a good way to test things.

    You can also test things individually e.g. the wiring from A to B, you can check with the original wiring instructions on the build WiKi.

    Are you using Octoprint? as this makes it easy to move motors, try to extrude (which if memory serves me right don't work unless the hotend is above a certain temp )

    You didn't say why a blockage caused you to do far more than just removing the heat sink, heat break, block and nozzle and clean or replace these parts? Why did you have to replace the driver (assumed you mean the little plug in boards on the Rumba). These plug in boards can be swapped around to test if one is kaput. Take anti-static precautions when (before/during) touching the main board and plug in driver boards.

    Do you have a meter to check continuity, volts etc?

    Another thought is did you calibrate the driver via the little potentiometer on the board to the voltages suggested in the build WiKi

    Daft question I know but first would be to check the block is getting hot as without this the motor won't turn on.

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