FET death by ESD?

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    Just a cautionary tail, but when I built my toolchanger one of the extruder FETs was failed short-circuit at first power on.

    Thankfully I always watch for such things at first power on and immediately powered off before anything got too hot.

    Got the meter and and it was pretty clear the E2 FET on the duex was short circuit. Just reconfigured to use a different output for that tool and got playing. I've since swapped the faulty FET and it's all working fine again.

    The duex board came directly out of the antistatic packet and was mounted to the acrylic. Assuming these things get 100% test coverage before they leave the factory I would have though the most likely cause was ESD. Given I barely handled it maybe from the acrylic that had just recently had the protective covering pulled off??

    Anyway, no biggy but watch out for it. Maybe "wipe the static off"?

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