Flow issue after first night

Discussion in 'BigBox General Chat' started by Spoon Unit, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Having seen the first few layers print and look good, I didn't feel I was taking too big a risk to leave something running as I went to bed. Considering this was only night one of full operation, I think that in itself says a lot about my trust in the printer already (and I think this will only build for other new builds as the mountain of evidence increases).

    One snag did occur this morning however. I sliced another model and couriered it down to the printer. As the skirt began printing I was instantly worried. Instead of the perfect lines from print one, I saw a lot of blobs and print drops. I thought to myself, no problem, this is just the flow getting started, which is after all the whole point of the skirt. However, it didn't improve in time for the build of the first proper layer. So I stopped the print.

    Logically, this made no sense for anything to be in trouble already, so I turned off the steppers, moved the print head to the dump, heated the hot end and extruded 100mm. No problems there. That was all it seemed to need, and on restarting the print, everything was perfect again.

    I wonder if anyone else has a similar operating experience? Is this likely to be required after every multi-hour break?

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