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  1. Kevin Richardson

    Nov 30, 2019
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    Hi All,

    I'm not really getting started, but i feel like i am since i just bought a reel of scaffold.

    Can someone provide a set of Simplify extrusion settings for Scaffold on a standard toolchanger - ie original bowdens ?

    I have this thing fully calibrated and have excellent prints in both PLA and PETG.

    The scaffold does not stick to the bed at all - have never got to the second layer. I'm trying to print a Hemera duct - Greg's one from thingiverse and really wanted to try scaffold. I'm getting occasional popping from the extruder - like its too hot AND clicking from the titan - which works fine with other materials. The system is in the house ( ie not too humid) and the scaffold has been out of the packaging for <5 hours.

    My extrusion settings are a hangover from a large run of specifically designed parts in a very expensive anti-static PETG... i'm using

    Retraction 4mm
    Extra restart 0.1mm
    Vertical lift 0.5mm
    Speed 3000 mm/min (50mm/2)
    Coast 0.3mm
    Wipe 4mm

    thanks, Kev
  2. Andy Cohen

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    Aug 23, 2019
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    I assume "scaffold" equates to supports? Also... "Simplify"... do you mean Simplify3D???
    Is Scaffold a different material? If so chuck it. You do not need it. PLA and PETG do not bond! Use one for your object the other for your supports.
    Settings in Simplify3D can be complicated at first... although it is actually fairly intuitive. See my posts on Simplify 3d for how each Process should be set up for the 4 tools. If you do not set it up that way it will not work.
    Please note that the following is for using the supports to completely cover the underside of an overhang for minimal marring.
    For support settings see the attached.
    You may want to set the 1st layer for each tool to be a bit thicker. I have it set to 125%.
    My typical settings for the Bowden tools are:
    Retraction: 5mm
    Extra Start: 00
    Vertical Lift: .5mm
    Retraction Speed: 30mm/s, Print Speed is 40mm/s
    Coast: off
    Wipe: off
    These got me pretty good results... I could probably get a bit better by tweaking coast and wipe. Regardless, these are the settings I used for the tool that I set to make the support in PLA.
    In the Process, Layer Tab, the Primary Extruder is T3. I set the Supports and Dense support to the PLA tool(T1). I put support at about 15% but I use two different angles for increased strength. ALWAYS use a base layer.
    I set Dense Support to 100% with 3 layers of dense and set all separations to 0. The PLA pops off the PETG nice and the undersides are relatively clean, almost as clean as dissolvable support. You just need to be sure the PLA is not trapped or mechanically held in place by the object shape.

    However, note that I printed the object in PETG using my tool with a direct drive Nimble feeder (T3) and not one of the Bowden tools. I used the Bowden tool with PLA for the supports.
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  3. Kevin Richardson

    Nov 30, 2019
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    Hi Andy, thanks for the reply...

    Yes, by Simplify i mean Simplify3D

    Scaffold is a support material sold by E3D as Spoolworks Scaffold. I'd supposed to get over many of the problems with older dissolvable support materials. So far i've found it to be the most disappointing item i've bought from E3D. Since my OP, i have found a really stupid, palm to forehead mistake - attempting to do 0.2mm layer height with 0.4mm extrusion width on a material which is know to be soft in the extruder and prone to getting ripped up). This was unintentional and now i've fixed it, the prints slightly better, but still not really useable.

    I'm trying to make a PETG print which may trap any PLA support material. But the PLA / PETG solution is definitely worth a try.

    Looking for your posts on Simplify3D now... (but i have this working and can print with multiple heads / materials already - always learn something)


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