Getting the last digits dailed in (Calibration XY)

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    Hello all,

    I just tried printing this : Yet Anther Machine Vise
    Sadly it seems that my part are all jut not good enough.
    The pins are a bit to wide, the screws are just too wide, the wheels are just to wide, in short, nothing fit directly.
    I measured some parts, and they are less then 0,5mm off (on the big pins measured, longest side).
    And it seems largely in the XY direction, not in the Z direction.

    What's a good calibration technique and adjustment method (steps or Simplify3D scale change)?
    A good part to calibrate this with?

    I rechecked my E steps, at they are off by 1mm (on 100m). It this root cause? How to be sure?


    Extrusion multiplier at 99% and Horizon compensation 0mm
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