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    As I get used to the toolchanger, I realize I want to go vertical, and I'm looking for any advice or experience. I've currently got a bowden Hemera (mounted on top of the back, with filament path behind the printer), and a direct drive hemera also with filament behind. The filament spools sit on rollers on the table behind the printer.

    This has several downsides:
    • Filament is behind, relatively hard to access, swap/load/unload
    • The printer is deep already (~20+ inches") and adding filament behind makes for a big footprint
    • Long curvy filament path adds friction/slop (more critical for the bowden, but still a factor for direct)
    My plan is to build a sturdy shelf (roof) 12-18" above the TC (integrated with a table I just built). The wires to the TC will come down from just in front of the center of the bed, enough slack to hit all four corners comfortably. The wires/filament for each tool will come down from just forward of their respective docks. With that, I think I should have shorter and more direct paths for everything, and less (zero?) collision between the various cable bundles).

    I've got to build the 'roof' first (part of a longer term full enclosure) and start visualizing/testing the paths.

    Has anybody tried something along these lines?

    Long term this will be part of a full enclosure, electronics and filament outside. I'll use the sides/back of the printer, cover the bottom, add this roof on top, and some type of front door system (preferably clear). I'll be busy for a while...

    Any thoughts on this approach?

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