Guide to DuetWifi: Wiring, PanelDue, DuetWifi Cong, GCode, BLTouch, (IDEX Soon)

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    I will try to have the bulk of this fleshed out before the end of the day this big post so I will need to write it in sections

    This guide is very much a work in progress, and not complete yet, especially the BLTouch but coming soon.

    To try and make this easier to digest, I broke the post into 6, let me know if you don’t like it I will recombine them into 1.
    Topic -------------------- Last Update
    Intro and Wiring --------- 3/10/2017
    ------------------- 3/5/2017
    DuetWifi Setup
    ----------- 3/5/2017
    ------------------------ 3/5/2017
    --------------------- 3/8/2017
    --------------------------- N/A (Coming soon)

    All the below information is available through many sources, but I wanted to try and bring it it one spot so it's easier to digest and all the credit goes to the many authors. I have included many links that detail the information, please use them as I tried to boil down to the basics at keep this as short as possible.

    Please let me know if anything doesn't make sense, any links need to be fixed or anything needs to be added. Thanks!

    Elmoret’s post is great, but there are some minor changes from the prototype board
    BigBox + DuetWifi controller

    DuetWifi Wiring Diagram

    Duex5 Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Connection.jpg

    I tried to follow Elmoret's example to minimize confusion, I have a Duex5 installed so my fans will be a bit different if you don't.

    (Edited from Elmoret's post)
    • Yellow: These are the hotend heaters. Heaters do not care about polarity.
    • Dark Green: These are the motor connections. From left to right: Right Extruder, Left Extruder, X, Y, Z.
      • I differ here, I put the connectors that come with the duet on both Z steppers, took the jumpers off the second Z connection on the Duet and inserted both Z steppers instead of crimping them together.
    • Light Blue: This is the PT100 connection
    • Dark Blue: These are the endstop connectors. You only need to connect X and Y here, the Z-probe is handled later.
      • Note:The BLTouch will connect to the Z-Probe
    • Purple: These are the fans. The 3 connections on the left are PWM, the two on the right. There are 4 fans that need PWM but you could hook both of the head sink fans to one, and the print cooling fans to the other. Or since the 1.1 uses only 1 print cooling fan you could be set here.
      • What I have done since I have the Duex 5, I use FAN 1 and 2 for the heat sink fans, then use fans 3 and 4 for the print cooling fans.
    • Red: This is main power in for the Duet and the Duex5.
      • Please Note: If you are using the Duex5, you need to connect the common of the two boards to ensure they are operating with the same ground potential.
    • Orange: Heated bed power, and the heated bed thermistor. The thermistor does not care about polarity, but you should be mindful of the polarity of the other two connections, especially the main power as I don't believe the Duet Wifi has reverse polarity protection.
    • Light Green: This is the PanelDue and Z-probe connection. Note that the Z-probe connection also needs to be "repinned", as it uses a different pinout relative to the RUMBA setup.
      • Production Version: From Right to Left -> YELLOW --- BLACK --- used --- RED
        • corresponds to -> signal, ground, used and +3.3v
      • Prototype Version: From Right to Left -> RED --- unused --- BLACK --- YELLOW.
        • corresponds to -> +3.3v, unused, ground, and signal.
        • IR Probe.png
        • The PanelDue is optional, but probably my favorite part. No more scrolling around from menu to menu - this is kind of like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. Big jump in user experience.
    • Lastly, not labeled is the Ribbon Cable for the Duex5, I don't necessarily recommend putting the two boards in this configuration as its a little hard to get to certain things, like the SD card. However if your heart is set on this, the ribbon cable is 175mm or 7 inches long. I ended up making it custom by cutting down a longer cable and crimping a new 50 pin connector on it.
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    PanelDue Firmware
    Complete Blog

    Download Bossac to update firmware

    For windows if you like me and didn’t know mingw32 if for windows you will download a program to unzip a tar.gz, anyone have a favorite?

    Download Firmware for the PanelDue

    Here is a condensed version of how to update the firmware, I encourage you to read the real thing for the real blog about 1/4ish down the page at least once, this is a quick reminder version
    • Check that the free end of the 4-wire interface cable cannot short against anything.
    • Connect the micro USB connector on the PanelDue controller to your PC be careful not to exert too much on the Paneldues connecter as it could break.
    • Press and hold the Erase button of the PanelDue for at least one second.
    • Release the Erase button.
    • Press and release the Reset button. If you have a version 2.0 board then the backlight will turn off.
    • Identify the COM port number or for PanelDue board on your PC.
      • Windows: Start->Control Panel->System->Device Manager. Expand Ports (COM and LPT), and look for Bossa port.
    • Use bossac to program the board. Under Windows, open a command prompt and use this command:
      • bossac.exe --port=COM9 -e -w -v -b PanelDueFirmware.bin
    • Replace COM9 in this command by the COM port number you found, and PanelDueFirmware.bin by the path to your downloaded firmware file.
    • When bossac has completed and reported “Verify successful”, press the Reset button again.
    • Whenever new firmware is uploaded, the touch panel calibration and touch pad orientation is lost, recalibrate as accurately as possible.
    • Disconnect the USB cable.
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    Download Firmware

    Update firmware

    Update order
    1. DuetWiFiFirmware or DuetEthernetFirmware
    2. DuetWiFiServer
    3. DuetWebControl

    To Update all at once
    • Upload all the firmware files to /sys on the on-board SD card, but decline any offers to install them.
    • Use the M997 command to install them all at once, specifying which firmwares you want to update in the S parameter. For example, M997 S0:1:2 will update all firmwares, provided that all the firmware files and iap4e.bin are present in /sys on the SD card.

    Getting Connected To The DuetWifi
    • There really is no way good way to shorten this section, please follow the link to the true source, I would be just copy and pasting 95% of it.
    • One note I would like to add, I had some issues in the beginning where I would loose connection and be unable to reconnect. It turned out to be my network. I restarted the network and I have prevented the duet from booting the wifi. Instead I added a wifi enable macro and have had 0 disconnect issues since. I don't know that it is necessary to not allow the duet to boot the wifi automatically, just saying what works for me.
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    Setting Up Gcode, Config.g and macros

    For the bigbox 1.1 I really like the way @GordanB has his config file and he loaded all the macros. I will load my versions here as I had an original BigBox and converted it later to the 1.1 so there are some small differences. I currently wont have access to my macros for a few days but I will post them soon, they are mostly derivatives for GordanB
    BigBox + DuetWifi controller

    I know reading through G-code commands sounds really boring, but there are some really cool things the duet can do, I encourage you to read though the possible commands.
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    BLTouch, I am still working on this so proceed with caution

    Wiring :
    3Pin : Brown(- , GND) Red(+5V) Orange(control signal)
    2Pin : Black(-, GND) White(Zmin)

    Old BLTouch (Probably a lot of these out there still for sale)
    For this version you need to puts a 240 Ohm resistor in parallel to the board see diagram.​

    Updated BLTouch (see this forum post for more information)
    If your BLTouch does not come with resistors, its likley you have a new version where you just need to cut this trace.​

    (NEED PHOTO anyone who has the BLtouch hooked to the expansion header can you provide the photo?)

    From the duet forum
    • BLTouch 5V leads are connected to expansion header pins 1-2, and the servo lead is connected to pin 21 (PWM for heater 3)
    • BLTouch endstop leads are paralleled with a 240ohm resistor as documented by Antclabs to make it safe for 3.3v logic and connected to E0 endstop header
    • M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1 is added to config.g to reserve pin 21 for M42 or servo use
    • M558 is set to probe type 5 and G31 is set for a very low trigger value since the BLTouch only triggers the endstop for 5ms(Sniffle used 25)
    • Deployprobe.g macro contains the line M280 P3 S10 I1 to deploy the BLTouch probe
    • Retractprobe.g macro contains the line M280 P3 S90 I1 to retract the BLTouch probe
    • Deploy and Retract macros are added to bed.g and homing macros

    If you have Duex5
    Instead of using the expansion head you will use the pwm/servo 1

    Connection Locations
    BLTOUCH Connection.png

    The Servo Control Cable

    Sensor Cable
    BLTOUCH Sensor.png

    (Real photo to come soon)

    (I will load my macros soon, I am on the road for work so I don't have them just yet)
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