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    Had to have a go at this. I printed the model completely hollow using Hobbyking Transparent PLA.

    2017-08-22 20.46.08.jpg

    Ended up just a couple of mins under 8 hours, the longest print so far since I switched to the Duet. So in the morning, this was the result.

    2017-08-23 07.21.21.jpg

    Those of you with the PEI bed know that this lifted cleanly away.

    2017-08-23 07.21.54.jpg

    After a little work with a hobby knife:

    2017-08-23 07.37.14.jpg

    Next job was to ask my wife where the hairdryer was and after some effort:

    2017-08-23 08.43.21.jpg

    I could have probably had a more transparent feel, but I left the blower on 100% from layer 2 as I thought the bridging would probably need it, so better to have a consistent feel to the whole item.

    Finally, popped him on the scales:

    2017-08-23 08.51.26.jpg

    Interestingly, S3D suggested 5 hours 48, actual was 7 hours 57. S3D also suggested 65.9g where actual was 34g. Either the filament density I have set up (1.25 grams/cm3) is wrong, or S3D is also wildly out on this calculation along with the timing.
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    so what sre you gonna name it?

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