Has anyone tried E3D TITANIUM HEAT BREAK

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    Just curious if anyone has tried one of these yet, and if they have if they noticed any changes or improvements over the standard heatbreak?

    I am guessing that the Titan Aero uses the same heat break as the regular V6, or is that wrong? If it does, I would assume that if this heat break offers a significant advantage in thermal Isolation, that the Aero would would receive a bigger boost from this then a standard V6.

    I am not sure what temps the titan can reasonably run at the info says 300+, but I would assume that this new heatbreak would allow for even higher temps for the more exotic filaments (not that I have plans for anything like that)

    I am thinking about ordering 1 to go along with the new Aero IDEX mod but trying to determine if its more bling then boost for me. I don't usualy run exotic filaments mostly PLA and PETT

    Edit** Also curious if there is any benefit to using the copper block if I do not plan on using filaments over 300 C
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