Has being open source ever affected e3d in a negative way?

Discussion in 'General' started by gene brecht, Dec 15, 2018.

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    Dec 15, 2018
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    To be blunt, your hotend is popular and I have seen quite a few of "home made" e3d hotends. Honestly if I could I would make my own, but I am curious to know if any manufacturers ever tried to "rip off" your design? If so I think you should make such manufacturers known to the community.
    Bring on the wall of shame :twisted:
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    Absolutely it has hurt E3D but also it helps them. Clones just don't have the same level of care in their machining and end up really crappy to use, but some are OK. People can buy 3-4 clones for the same price as genuine, but the name brand and known quality helps establish them as the go to brand.

    I had asked Josef if he was annoyed at everyone cloning his i3 platform (a year or so before MK2 came out) and his response was that No he didn't mind, because his name was still associated with it and people would end up looking up his name and buying "genuine". I'd say it's worked out for him.

    Open source is risky (printrbot) but can also help establish you as a brand leader if you show continued excellence.
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