heat break (literally)

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    so I managed to shear the SS heat break,leaving a piece I can't remove from the block, & now I fear I'll need to replace it, the block,and the heat sink, as the piece in it also won't back out.

    Is there any tips on removing the heat break when it snaps off like this? I've tried pliers & turning counter-clockwise, but it's just crushing/stripping the SS break...

    It's been a a frustrating chain of events- this was third time the V5 was leaking PLA, where you have to dismantle & try to remove the seepage that leaked from from top of block into the thermistor & heat cartridge, thought I wasn't tightening it enough so tried to tighten while hot, & well, narf! -it sheared right off.

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    Oh No! That is not a pretty picture... Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time.

    The best method for getting a broken heat break is to use a screw-extractor. I had a quick look on Amazon, you should be able to pick one up for less than $10..

    Here is a video you may find useful

    For anyone else reading, this is a sad reminder that it is not advisable to tighten up the Hot-Side against the HeatSink!! Please do remember to follow the instructions on our documentation page and hold the HeaterBlock with a spanner, and tighten the nozzle with needle-nose pliers or similar...

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