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    i had a jam on my e3d by providing a excess retract of 6mm on the bowden.. the filament ended in heat break towards the top and caused a jam.. I removed the filament by heating the block on a gas burner as no amount of heating with the heating block would heat the top part. I removed the filament but a few fragments stuck to the top part of the barrel and just wont come off.

    what is a good way of removing them without damaging the internal smooth finish.

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    Recently I had PLA stuck in the heat break after the hot end fan connection broke. I boiled the kettle, poured out some boiling water into a dish and put the heatbreak + filament in it. After half a minute I was able to use pliers to hold the heartbreak and gently pull the filament out of it.

    Maybe this would work for you if the fragments are large enough to grip with tweezers.
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    Are we talking about the "barrel" (internal hole through) of the heat break itself?

    If so get the drawing (availables somewhere on the E3D WiKi) to see the internal diameter(s), possibly different size hole at each end, there are also different sizes of heat break (found by chance when one didn't fit) so check which you have.

    Careful use of the right size drill bit used by hand may help and sometimes rotated anticlockwise works. There is also some kind of cleaning "filament" sold by E3D etc. for pulling through, that plus some heat may help.

    I'm sure that there are also some really nasty solvents,(which are usually highly flammable) that would dissolve it without heat !

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