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    I decided to try the high temperature Heater cartridge and PT100 but I have to say the documentation on them is not good at all. I hooked up the PT100 daughter board and the heater to the TC and setup the thermistor setting to M305 S"T0" P1 X200 R400. using a copper plated block and I wanted to confirm what I have here is the default behavior.

    1- Ambient temp is a few degrees above the regular thermistor reading 26 vs 23, changed the wire for the PT100 to the supplied one instead of the wire in the TC wiring Loom and it went down one degree.

    2- heating the hotend is very fast, but cooling is very slow. I guess the heat mass of the copper block can do that but it takes about 30 min to go back to room temp.

    Do I need to do anything other than the thermistor settings, I did run a M303 to tune the heater and the M307 is reported as below:

    M307 H1
    Heater 1 model: gain 1392.1, time constant 323.8, dead time 6.8, max PWM 1.00, calibration voltage 24.7, mode PID, inverted no, frequency default
    Computed PID parameters for setpoint change: P6.1, I0.131, D29.1
    Computed PID parameters for load change: P6.1
    Warning: Heater 1 appears to be over-powered. If left on at full power, its temperature is predicted to reach 1417C.
    Auto tune heater 1 completed in 382 sec
    Use M307 H1 to see the result, or M500 to save the result in config-override.g

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