how much good will a new heatbreak do?

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    I recently came across a video on youtube where someone had bought some china heatbreaks and was polishing them to mirror finish and concluded that it was one of the main issues of making them work. now as a proud owner of a v6 from the start im wondering if I should just buy a new heatsink just for maintenance purposes. i can imagine that even the shiniest mirror will dull.
    I have nothing to complain about my performance but maybe it decreased slightly over the years without me noticing and a fresh heatbreak could give it an extra kick?

    is that a valid thought or is the finish of the heatbreak not that important?

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    It's extremely unlikely that a heatbreak will degrade, even with abrasive materials such as carbon filled filament. If you want to change out a part to refresh your hotend the best option is a new nozzle. You can get build up of degraded polymer inside the nozzle that clings to the walls, and you may have suffered some abrasion and damage over time from things like nozzles crashing into glass beds or abrasive filaments. But the impact of this is probably small unless you have been really hammering the hotend with knocks and bumps or abrasive materials. Bear in mind that quite a few materials you might not expect can be abrasive, such as glow in the dark filament and things like metal filled materials.
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