how to archive settings (for a particular model) in S3d?

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    As far as I can tell, in S3d there's a linked database structure of:

    Profile (printer type eg BigBox)
    Material (filament type eg PLA)
    Print Quality (eg "Super High Resolution")

    Part of me is tempted to try to use it creatively (eg substitute one menu for nozzle size or hotend type since these have a myriad of repercussions) but, frankly, I'm a bit wary of what's going on.

    So what I'd really like to do is to save a Factory file for each "important" item that I print so as to keep all the associated settings for future re-printing (or future modification for re-printing).

    However I have the impression that the Process settings in a factory file can change if something changes in..... the underlying Profile? (A big risk if you want to come back to a Factory file you prepared a year ago but in the meantime had forgotten dependencies or accidentally clicked on "Save" in response to a warning message.)

    S3d experts, any suggestions how best to archive settings that go with a particular model / setup?
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    As far as I can tell if you save a factory file everything is in there and loaded: model and profile settings.

    Loading a factory file overwrite the settings of the same current profile.

    So if you clear the model and processes after you opened a factory and make a new process, you have the settings from the factory. You gotta switch the profile, say "No", and then reselect the profile you want and start setting it up.

    If you do not have the profile used in the factory anymore in your list then the "Default" profile is used with the settings from the factory file.

    That's what I hate in S3D: the profile management...
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