How to create a new built for BB-Marlin and how to transfer it onto Rumba

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    I am still confused about all the different compiled versions for the BigBox-Marlin software on the Rumba. None of them work for my BB. I have a BB from the kickstarter campain, i.e. a BB Pro V1.0 with Octoprint addon.

    When I carry out an auto home, the nozzle either stops at x=215 and y=100 or x=150 and y=68. But it should be x=150 and y=100. I got the latter values with the original software (RC3) on the Rumba. Meanwhile I have flashed to RC6 employing different .hex-files for the BB Pro V1.0 causing the problems mentioned.

    Now I reached the point where I try to build my own version starting from the original Marlin software which is currently RC7 (since yesterday). However, it is nowhere described in detail how to adopt it for a specific BigBox version. I would much appreciate if someone could present a table with all the alterations required in Marlin for the different versions of BB.

    In addition how to compile the whole lot and finally what is the easiest way to transfer the .hex-file onto the Rumba. I know about the guide with platformio. However I prefer the Octoprint firmware-updater and consider this as the simplest way to transfer a .hex-file.

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