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    Sep 30, 2015
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    I signed up simply to say that I am thoroughly impressed by your shipping times and packaging. Very professional. You guys will continue to receive my business anytime I need something you guys have in stock.

    I've had to order parts for my UM2 from Ultimaker and it seems like its a race to beat their old slowest record to me. My wife says thanks for the sweets too LOL!

    This may be my first and only post, but you can find me here, real person, real review!

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    Oct 14, 2015
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    Hey Eric, I'm in the same boat as you. Really impressed so far with these guys as well. I just checked out your profile. I also recently got into 3D Printing but I'm mostly using Pinshape. In fact, you can probably find my designs here. Can you recommend a few more sites where we can share our 3D print files? Thanks!

    PS: Yes my name is Eric too :)
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    May 15, 2016
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    Same for me.

    I had some experience already with a crowfunded printer that I spent almost a year to modify and twist to make it working, then I considered enough was enough and my training for 3D printing secrets, self support and disaster recovery was over. I won't tell whose machine it was because I am a nice person....

    During these laborious times, I bought some extruders and components from E3D, and I was impressed by professionalism and serious of these guys, and of course the product's quality itself, btw I don't eat sweets....

    After a mail exchange with them, considering these guys were really competent and trustworthy people, I ordered a dual V1.1 and received it 3 weeks ago.
    Started to assemble it slowly during holidays, carefully reviewing the excellent on-line manual, then I started my new BB up a week ago.

    Excellent results from start, no hassle, no pain and good print quality, even with TAULMAN 645 and ABS.

    Minor problems:
    All steppers were supplied with slotted axes, therefore my 2 Titans lever have already relatively limited life (see TITAN manual). I will maybe machine replacement parts in delrin during winter or order some replacement motors (cheaper maybe).

    I am confused with extruder naming convention, I have to recheck wiring, but simplify3D is also a flexible tool so I can survive like this for the moment.

    Minor modifications made:
    Installing myself OCTOPI, I replaced RPI2 by RPI3 I had already, after having printed parts myself and sourced power supply.
    Benefit of this, apart of quad core powerful engine, is to have builtin WIFI and BT, only mod to the case is to make a Diam. 6 hole over the sd card slot, RPI3 has a SD card slot with no spring, you need to pull the sd with a plier in case. Also, I envision later to put a SSD hard drive inside to boot and store all my work on the printer, including timelapses, for reference, so even a 16GB card is not enough and secure. Will use the USB plug for the PI itself, not the controller.

    Considering connecting a wireless game controller with BT for controlling my BB directly. Long term, since I have to find or write OCTOPI plugin to do this, my previous machine had that and it's really nice when working remotely from a PC, so it's a game for rainy days.

    I am also considering adding some spring under the heated bed to let the PCB adhere to the glass without creating a dome bed, there is some gap between PCB and glass at the center.
    Longer term replacing glass bed by a polished granite one if I can manage to get a few mm thick sheet somewhere.
    Better adherence I think (professional machines use this) and at least 4 times better thermal conductivity, so I can expect perfect bed some day.

    In summary, excellent job guys, thanks!

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