Idea: Augment Arduino firmware processing power with inexpensive processing (like Raspberry Pi)

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    I don't know if this is the right place to get feedback for this idea but I know a lot of knowledgeable people read this, so...

    I am thinking about the issue of the Mambo's computational power and some of the demands being placed on it by more sophisticated pre-processing and control of the stepper motors. The Mambo board we are using is great for the number and type of I/O connections it supports but it is becoming limited by the processing power available.

    What if the g code interpreter was replaced with two-stage g-code processing which created computationally light weight I/O primitives? This would allow for the possibility of moving the first stage (which would include all of the G-code optimizations like look-ahead, arc processing, auto bed-leveling z moves, advanced_lin, etc. ) off of the Arduino platform and onto a low-cost computation platform like the Raspberry Pi (or not, alternatively, if sufficient local storage was available on the Arduino platform to store the resulting I/O code).

    For this to be plausible, the bandwidth and latency between the issuer of the I/O instructions (which could be local storage on an Arduino) and the Arduino has to support the real-time demands of the stepper motors so that processing isn't affected.

    Does anyone know if this approach has been discussed and any conclusions reached?


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