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Discussion in 'Volcano' started by alphabeta77, Dec 2, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    Making a decision about best way to get a direct drive extruder / better hotend for my CR10 Max.

    It seems a toss up between bondtech and e3d unless any other suggestions - as feedback I suspect e3d may offer better extruders/hotends, but make it far harder to give my cash as the site is an array of 'tinkerers' options whereas Bondtech are putting it on a plate for customers, eg:

    Can anyone recommend the best set up for my CR10 Max? Naturally want as high print speed as possible - only printing PLA and PETG (latter very occasionally).

    I 'think' a volcano or a supervolcano appears best, but online people seem to lean towards the volcano as better than the supervolcano for some reason.

    The new hemera doesn't appear to be particularly good for this (saw a few posts saying it struggles to keep up with the throughput of the volcano/SV?

    So this leaves the Titan Aero or the Titan (assuming they're the same, just the former has a fan included).

    So picking through all this, I 'think' my starting point is:
    - Get a Titan Aero (and bin the v6 nozzle/kit from it)
    - Fit a supervolcano to it
    - Find some upgrade kit on thingiverse with parts to print
    - Also need to check what voltage the CR10 Max uses
    - Also need to check the power supply is suitable

    Would welcome any advice/tips
    obviously this is vs Bondtech's 'click this button and you're sorted' which is appealing as they've made the effort to package everything, even if as I say it may not be quite as good....!

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