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    EDIT2: The two problems I had were:
    The nozzle not being tight against the heatbreak; a hot tightening fixed this;
    Thinking extrusion speed and print speed are the same, grinding was occuring at 20mm/s extrusion speed which for my setup is equivalent to a 418mm/s print speed.
    max print speed = (max extrusion speed * pi * (radius of filament)^2) / (layer height * extrusion width)

    I am using an e3d titan and lite 6 in direct drive mode. I have just set them up and even though I can extrude fine when not printing it is bad when printing. I have cleaned the lite 6 out multiple times, tested with new filament, levelled the bed. I am printing at 15mm/s, 60°C on the bed and 210°C on the extruder.

    print3.jpg image.jpg
    full resolution

    EDIT: seems like my lite 6 was leaking, hopefully I have fully tightened it now. But the filament is grinding now at full tension.
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    210° may be fine, it may be not - what filament are we talking about here?
    If the filament is grinding against the hobbed gear, clean the hobbed gear with a brush before trying again since filament shavings might act as a lubricant to a certain degree and making your extruder drive gear a lot less efficient.

    Also, what kind of retract settings are we talking here? V6 are somewhat sensitive to that.

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