infrared sensor not working

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  1. John McDonald

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    Apr 23, 2016
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    the red light on infrared sensor, which means it is sensing something, (i.e. the bed) stays on 24/7 and wont turn off even if the bed is all the way down. ive followed directions exactly. when I auto home the x and y move accordingly but the bed moves down 5 mm (im still in the commissioning stage where we set the z offset to -5). it appears to be falsely sensing something but nothing will turn it off.
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    Dec 20, 2015
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    From the troubleshooting page:
    "LED illuminates (more dimly than normal) as soon as the board is connected. This usually means that you have plugged the 3-pin connector the wrong way round on the board, thereby transposing the Vcc and Out connections. Turn the power off and check your wiring."

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