IR sensor in the way of Extruder 0 Heatsink Fan

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    Hi All,

    Been having a great experience with my BigBox Dual, prints are coming out great and the printer is a pleasure to use. However I've come across a design issue that I hope will not be repeated in future iterations of the printer. I am currently having an ABS print that is failing at around the same spot, which is behind Extruder 0. This print has thin walls, and I notice that it will tend to warp upwards behind Extruder 0 and then proceed to get hit by the IR sensor. The warping everywhere else is manageable except for behind Extruder 0. I did the wet finger test to check airflow around the nozzles and find that the IR sensor mount and housing behind Extruder 0's heatsink fan causes the airflow to go in many directions, and unfortunately down on to the print.

    I am now attempting to print with Extruder 1, where the airflow behind the heatsink is not obstructed. I am unplugging Extruder 0's fan as well to confirm my assumptions. I've already ordered the Dual Titan upgrade, is the IR sensor location on that going to have the same problem?
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    I have the Titan setup and experience the same problem but with Extruder 1 catching the edge of the model away from the cooling fan, which is now at the back of the head assembly i.e. cooling is on one side only. I have countered the problem for the moment by making sure that both extruders are heated so that any contact is with a hot nozzle, so it ploughs through without unsticking the model but does cause some unwanted surface artefacts where that edge-lifting occurs, usually on overhangs. I use MBL (mesh levelling) and the IR detector is well away from the surface, as it is only used as a initial home detector. I should say that I am currently printing with PLA, so can't comment on what the effect will be with other filaments.

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