Is jamming / clicking damaging the Hemera?

Discussion in 'HotEnds & Extruders' started by evilC, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Apr 10, 2020
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    So I have been printing TPU with the Hemera with no real problems - 92A, 95A, 98A all work OK.
    However, I recently got a spool of Fillamentum TPU 98A in Transparent Blue that is giving me real problems - I have printed with Fillamentum TPU 98A in Signal Yellow loads of times with no issues, but this new colour just won't work - the filament jams and I get the clicking sound from the gears of the Hemera.
    I am trying to resolve this (I think there's something dodgy about the filament), but what I want to know is, am I damaging my Hemera when this happens? ie, if Fillamentum support say "Try this, try that", should I just point blank refuse and request a refund on the grounds that I am not damaging my printer by trying, or is it OK to persevere with trying various things and getting the clicking?

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