Issue with Silicon Socks on V6s

Discussion in 'HotEnds & Extruders' started by Andy Cohen, Jun 13, 2020.

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    Aug 23, 2019
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    I go through socks quite quickly on the toolchanger. One thing I have found is that there seems to be 2 versions of V6 thermal silicon socks out there. One with a larger opening for the nozzle and a hole for the heater bolt access and another with a very tiny hole for the nozzle tip and no hole for the heater bolt access. My guess is the second version with the tiny hole is either an earlier design or a knockoff. Regardless, moving forward I will ONLY use the version with the tiny hole from now on. When I print with PETG and the sock with the hole for the heater bolt, the stuff easily gets into the hole for the heater bolt and gets into the hex insert for the hex key. PETG crosses over into a non removable form in time making removal of this bolt problematic if not impossible and thereby ruining the entire extruder.

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