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    Mar 1, 2017
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    [​IMG] Hi!, Is the third time we assemble the extruder, And this is the result, there is a loss of plastic and ruin the pieces.
    When i bought the extruder everything is great but after the second time than i reassembly (because a jam) alwayas the same issue. i tried with two extruder lite v6,.

    What iam doing wrong? in both cases i follow the assembly instructions

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    Hi Jorge,

    The burned plastic between the heat-sink and the heater block looks like it has been caused by a leakage of plastic passed the thread on the heatsink (for lite6) or the heat break (in your v6's). This suggests that perhaps the hot-tightening is not working as expected, I know you mentioned that you followed the documentation, but can you please just 100% confirm for me that you followed the hot-tightening procedure detailed in our wiki a) when you first assembled the product and b) when you re-assembled it?

    Another thing in your image which is bothering me is what appears to be burned plastic between the fins of the heatsink? What is all that debris up by the top-fins? Is that molten plastic? If so, how did it get there?!

    I have flagged this post to our guys in support who will follow up.

  3. Miasmictruth

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    That is an incredibly dirty heatsink, aside from the alarming buildup under the heatsink, if air cant properly flow around the heatsink it could overheat leading to blockages.
  4. Paul Winter

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    Jun 11, 2016
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    Is it being run without a heatsink fan, or a heatsink fan that is under intermittent control?
    In which case, it may keep jamming, and end up ploughing through a large mass of plastic, accounting for the plastic up around the fins.

    But that mess needs removing before the hotend is re-assembled and re-used, as the deposit on the surface of the heatsink will just cause it to run hotter than it should and cause more jamming.

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