Jamming Issue with E3DV6

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    Hopefully this will help some others out there experiencing jamming issues. In the past I have used cheap clones for printing with my AM8, so decided to go for it and purchased the real E3D hotend. I was initially impressed with the quality of the parts, and thought that justified the cost of the product. However, after a week of failed prints, I am now unimpressed and sorry I made the purchase.. Believe me, I tried everything to solve the problem, to no avail. I recently switched it back to a clone, and it's printing perfectly. The first couple of prints I made after installing the V6, I noticed a burning plastic smell that never happened with the other clones, and it makes no sense, since it's all metal. It had nothing to do with the fan or shroud. For the price one pays for these devices, I must admit I expected better.. Sure, I can replace the heatbreak with another and most likely solve the issue, but I should not have to do that. For me, I'll have to stick with cheap clones, because in this case at least, you do not get what you pay for.. The company should really look into this, as no hotend should be this troublesome. No one should have to experience this, especially for the price paid.

    Good Luck all.
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