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    After much frustration I finally was able to get Colorfabb XT to print nicely. I was surprised to find it so unforgiving.

    One issue I had was even after measuring the diameter of the filament I was still getting significant over extrusion and needed to bring the multiplier down to .86 which after several single wall calibration prints.

    I also found it very stringy at recommended temp and have to print at the low end to get something approaching decent, still having issues with significant overhangs though.

    Finally the last battle I actually created a seperate process for layer 1, it was very benifical to print outside in for the first layer and the quick repositioning moves sometimes dislodged the plastic just layed down, only the print speednis reduced by the first layer settings not the positioning moves. I can also use the multiplier to over extrude the first layer slightly for better adhesion.

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