Kraken is awesome

Discussion in 'Multi-Extrusion' started by RichRap, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Feb 27, 2014
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    Cool, First post in the Kraken Forum :D

    The Kraken is a great hot-end, it's the easiest multi-extruder setup I have ever encountered, to calibrate, mount and control.

    It's also my ONLY hot-end that works really well at high speed with a direct drive extruder. I normally use geared, but for the quad extruder setup, I have opted for direct drive x 4 all in a line.

    I'll post some photos and files soon.

    Look out for a review of the Kraken, V4/5 and lots of other hot-ends in the next issue of the RepRapMagazine (Issue 3) - It covers a year of using various hot-ends in real-world printing on lots of different RepRap machines.
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    Feb 26, 2014
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    Rich - welcome, we are honoured that you have made the first post! :)

    We love The Kraken too. We haven't tried driving it direct, instead we have always used your geared extruder.. (

    Your talk of direct-drive made me think of Stephen Jensen's post ( about his creative direct-drive implementation using a single hobbed bolt and a cam-selector.

    Looking forward to your reviews of it - there is a lot of shared experience building up out there and it would be great to have it all collated and involve the people that have received theirs in the first shipment.

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