Last two Z axis Rods? ... Am i going nuts here?

Discussion in 'Build Help' started by Robert James Rudzek, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Robert James Rudzek

    Nov 2, 2015
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    Am I crazy or did the build manual literally just skip the installation of the last two Z-axis rods.. you know, the ones attached to the motors in the middle of each side?

    I'm there at the end... and it goes from the main 4 rods, to connecting the heat bed, to done with all that.

    I can assume you install them similarly to the other rods>but with no caps>tighten the grub screws>tighten the clamp screws...

    Is there anything else i need to do with them or is that it?
  2. Alex9779

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    That's it. They are not fixed on their upper side. Just put the through the upper hole then down and screw them in the nuts about 1/3 of the length and fix them. Do not use the grub screw, this should be removed according to the guide. Use just the screw that shrinks the upper part of the coupler to fix the lead screw. Put the lead screw the whole way down in the coupler and tighten then the screw!
  3. Kanedias

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    Sep 12, 2015
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    Keep reading, its fully covered in the Commissioning section.

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