Latest OctoPrint update 1.3.0

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    Octoprint should be popping up with a pretty significant version upgrade. I found this one takes lots longer than normal to install. DO NOT get impatient like I did and refresh the page in your browser halfway through. It'll break your installation, or at least it did mine :)

    If you do get into this mess, you don't need to reimage your OctoPi installation and lose all your config and prints.

    You can rebuild your octoprint installation to the latest version whilst keeping your config. Just ssh over to the octopi and run the following commands (don't do it as sudo, apart from the last line, do it as the pi user)

    cd /home/pi/OctoPrint
    git pull
    /home/pi/oprint/bin/python clean
    /home/pi/oprint/bin/python install
    sudo service octoprint restart

    The install stage will appear to get stuck several times whilst looking for updates at let it run, it was taking 5 minutes for each of those stages.
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