Left extruder problems

Discussion in 'Calibration, Help, and Troubleshooting' started by Max Pinkney, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Max Pinkney

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get the left extruder working but i'm having some trouble with it. I can get the right working and the left I can operate as expected from the LCD. I can also calibrate it with calibration file preloaded on the SD card, but if I go to print anything then the motor doesn't operate. Both heaters are at temperature, so it's not that, I'm thinking it maybe something I've missed in the settings within Simplify3D when sending it to the printer, but I can't see anything.

    Does anyone have any advise?
  2. pSimon

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    Sep 27, 2016
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    Whose profile are you using?

    I could never get the S3D ones to do what I wanted. Alex's ones worked fine - but having said that, I've not tried dual extrusion yet.

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