Lite6 Bowden does not fit after filament change

Discussion in 'E3D-v6 and Lite6' started by YAGJunky, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Nov 20, 2018
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    Hey guys,

    I am using the Lite6 Hotend with the e3d standard PTFE Bowden. Everything works fine the first time. However, when I switch my filament, the PTFE Tube does not fit inside the Lite6 anymore. It stops roughly 10 mm before the actual Nozzle.

    My procedure to switch is: Nozzle Temp 110°C -> Loose Bowden coupling -> Pull bowden tube fast together with filament out of lite6 -> break off widened filament end piece -> Change filament -> Plug bowden back

    Any new PTFE tube fits tightly but without effort inside the Lite6, just the used one is impossible to put in after. Seems like it widens to about 4.1 mm from 4 mm, enough to not fit inside the Lite6 anymore.

    Is it an issue of the Lite6 or is my method of changing filament with the Lite6 just horribly wrong? Any suggestions would be really welcome!

    Cheers and thanks alot

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