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    I'm finding MatX difficult to print on my big box. Using a .4mm nozzle

    1) If I use 240 and 120 with full cooling I get poor layer adhesion and bridging looks like a birds nest
    2) if I use 240 and 120 with no cooling I get better but not great layer adhesion and bridging looks a bit better but I also get some overheating on small elements of the print
    3) if I use 240 and 120 with no cooling and 100% cooling on bridging I get some overheated features and some bird nesting
    4) If I use 255 and 120 falling to 80 with 30% cooling and 100% on bridging I get decent layer adhesion, bridging works over short distances, but I get holes on the normal layers above the bridging as if I'm printing too hot.

    On the basis that matx is meant to be easy to print, and I have had no problems with either PLA or ABS with fairly standard settings I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong here. I'm getting rapidly through an expensive reel of MATX and starting to think It'll be my last reel of the stuff.

    Assuming lots of people are printing Matx without problem, has anyone with a v6 0.4 nozzle bigbox got any settings they could share that gets good layer adhesion as a starting point for me.
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    I don't have exact settings currently, but I tend to print it at around 250°C with 50% cooling, 100% on bridging. That's on a 0.4 V6.
    Make sure your filament is very dry, it makes it perform so much better!
    Could you share the layer height/width and speeds you are printing with?
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