Maximum output flow for V6

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    Im still trying to figure out if i have a defective unit or not. I got it working now on a minimum reliability and then I found this excellent article ... nd-limits/

    He basically measured the difference between the commanded extrusion output and what actually comes out. I translated his mm³ into mm/s and at my temp and adjusted for my .4 nozle I get a max speed of 65 mm/s at 170% extrusion width at .3mm layer height . This coincides with my actual observations on my machine.

    This speed is not bad, if up to that everything would work well, which it doesnt. I feel in general that there is too much resistance in the hotend, which needs to be overcome by very high flowrates. Lower layer heights become very problematic.

    So my question what are some top speeds your reached comfortably?


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