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    I'm in the process of specifying my first ToolChanger setup. My main workload will require three extruders (two colours of ASA plus one colour of TPU), and ASMBL. I would also like to print other materials from time to time, but I don't want to contaminate the main extruders. I would rather have one or more other tools set up to manually exchange with the main tools prior to a print (NB: I do not require manual tool changing during a print). For example, I would have a tool reserved for XT-CF20 with a hardened nozzle. How practical is this aspiration? Roughly how would I configure RRF - perhaps with 5+ tools, where eg tool 5 shares pins and dock with tool 1, but has its own nozzle offsets etc? Can anyone see any problems with this idea? And what if I wanted to swap between a direct Hemera and a Bowden V6 - or would it be best to swap tools like-for-like?
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    I kind of did what you are talking about with my quick-change adapter (v6):

    I also made a Hemera version:

    There are other people who have made molex connectors as well.

    A downside to my hemera mount (on the actual frame) in the 4th position will only take hemera style because the height is different (the other 3 take v6 style), but you could redesign something to be more universal. In config I just uncomment and comment the tool offsets and other settings.
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    Yes, that would work.

    There would be a risk that you would refer to tool 5 when tool 1 was loaded in the machine. This could be damaging if the tools have different Z offsets. You could mitigate that if you provide some sort of tool identification that can be read using conditional GCode.

    That would not cause a problem. You could either configure two different extruder numbers to use the same motor (so that you can configure separate steps/mm, firmware retraction and pressure advance for them), or set the steps/mm, retraction and pressure advance in the tool change file.
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    This is my quick change system,
    The cable is permanently connected to the tool (so only the wires needed can be routed and strain relief is appropriate for the tool) and the plug is on the frame of the printer.

    Only issue so far is I need to swap the 4 wires from being stepper motor drivers or 3 phase motor drivers for the ASMBL, (or CANBUS lines in the future). I have another 4 pin connector I swap out but I don't like that solution.

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