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Discussion in 'Motion System' started by mission, Jan 15, 2020.

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    I was looking at an old picture which looks like it was fitted with a 300x300mm bed and 2 linear rails for the z.

    The wobble in the cantilever design seems to be a common complaint for ultimaker printers. Appreciate this now has a preloaded extra wide linear rail, but if my eyes are right on the build volume change, was this reduced to minimise rocking in the bed or done for another reason?

    Same question on the x width, it looks like a larger build volume could be fitted if the filament wasn't mounted on the sides. Could a 400mm bed fit and be used? Is there a point where this cantilever system starts to wobble?

    Ignoring the frame. Is there any reason the whole motion system plate could be mounted upside down? So the x axis runs along the top rather than bottom.

    Lastly, I'd like to know more about the mind controlling functions of the union jack flag.
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    The system has always been 300x200, we've never had a 300x300 bed in one. There were two MGN12 rails on the first prototype.

    The bed is rock solid and not like an ultimater diving board type bed. The design was refined for ease of assembly, ease of manufacture and to keep the cost down.

    The space around the 300x200 bed is to allow different tools of different types and size to still be able to reach most if not all, of the build volume. Our aim here is to design and manufacture a platform for the devlopment of toolchanging and not to make a 3d printer.

    You can try and get a larger bed in there if you want. The CAD is available online |

    Mount it upside down? Sure, if you want to.


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