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    My Kickstarter kit is nearly complete and I should have my first print from it today with any luck. However, I've ran into a host of issues during my build, mainly of my own making. My post here is mainly for stress relief, but maybe someone will be helped by this (or get a laugh from my mistakes).

    My issues:
    1. Upgrading from Kickstarter dual to hybrid Titan dual (direct and bowden).
      • Figuring out which parts to print was tricky. They're in the hybrid folder of on thingiverse, but you don't need to print everything in that folder. I'll try and remember to make a list later.
      • hybrid_hotends.stl - the fit of the e3D V6 was horribly loose when I printed the file as-is. My print measured very close to the geometry in the model, so it appears the model was tailored to a printer that was printing ID undersize. If I remember correctly, the ID in the model was 0.50mm oversized. I modified the .stp model that is also available and printed it successfully.
    2. I managed to swap the 2pin red/black harnesses for the thermocouples and hotend fans. Luckily not a big deal, but I cut off one of the 2 pin connectors and had to wait for a replacement to arrive and fight with my cheap crimpers to replace it. Are both those harnesses still red/black?
    3. This one was fun: I plugged the IR sensor connector into the Z+ endstop (should be Z-) and also had it reversed. I think it had come off at one point during wiring and I must have replaced it incorrectly.
    4. And last but not least, I put the .9deg/step motors on the Z axes. I still can't believe I did that, but I must have assumed the smaller motor went on the end effector. I ordered some smaller pancake steppers for the extruders. I'm pretty impressed with Chase's dual direct design, which I might try in the future.
    Other issues related to the Pi upgrade (hadn't opted for it but had a Pi and camera)
    1. DC/DC converter needed. Amazon provides:
    2. long FFC needed for the camera. Wanted one fast and ordered a 2m from Amazon (which works, amazingly). I think a 750mm one is specified, and I thought I had ordered a 1m. link for 1m cable:
    3. 2pin cable needed to power converter from RUMBA. I used one from an extra fan, but then decided I should have a larger gauge wire, so I ended up replacing it. I can confirm it is possible to do this through the access window using a small screwdriver bit.
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