Need Advice on Connector Issue with E3D Prusa V6 HotEnd

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    I have to replace the hotend on my Prusa i3 Mk3S+, so I recently purchased this Prusa V6 HotEnd from E3D because the one on prusa's site is out of stock.

    However, on receiving the hotend, I notice there is no molex connector for the hotend heating element attached. I can't seem to find this specific connector readily apart from Prusa's website, which wants to charge me $50+ to ship this one little connector to me.

    From what I see, it looks like the connector uses a screw connection, but I've never worked with this type of connector (or any connectors like this in general, I'm still quite new to electronics) - is it possible for me to unscrew the connector on my old hotend and screw it onto the new E3D hotend? Do I need to solder anything or recrimp anything?

    EDIT: Follow-up question: If I am able to re-use the old connector, does it matter which wire goes in which socket? The 2 wires on the E3D HotEnd look identical to me.
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