Next phase complete for my 14" telescope

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    The pictures show the completed mirror cell for my 14" diameter Dobsonian astronomical telescope; this is to replace the current one and will allow me to lower the centre of gravity and reduce the weight to make transporting it easier. Although complete, I need to reprint the triangular supports as the geometry is not correct, I only found out when checking the design criteria with someone else. The original cell triangles turned out to be wrong and I had copied their sizes to save time - DOH!

    All parts were printed with Edge at 240C/80C on PET aluminium bed and with a 0.4mm hardened nozzle, a 0.2mm layer height, 4 top and bottom layers, 3 perimeters, 40% full honeycomb infill with 30% overlap, auto extrusion width, flow rate at 50mm/s and infill speed set to 60%. The print job was finished when the bed returned to 30C to aid job removal. No support was used. I tweaked the extrusion flow to 95% under the "Tune" menu after the first layer as there was a variation in the Edge diameter, well it was more oval. Ovality, if that's a word, may be due to filament temperature when winding on the spools during manufacture, a common fault and a compromise to avoid excessive spool unwind when unpacking.
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    Looking good!
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