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    If you saw my Toolplate fail post then you know how it happened.
    On the top of the Nimbles they made a cap/collar part which mates the rotating cable housing to the top of the Nimble. All models have used this. The V1 had an alignment tab and a hole which was held by one of the 2 bolts that held the whole assembly together.
    In v2 they went to three bolts but for the Cap/collar part they went with a completely inappropriate design which used three tiny locking tabs. In another post on this forum I described how this design made it almost impossible to assemble the NimbleV2 since a bearing pushed against this cap. Anyways, as I had warned the Zesty people the tabs all snapped off. Zesty told me they went with this design because none of their beta testers said anything to them about it!!! Total BS!! If you KNOW a design is not going to work, do NOT wait for your testers to tell you!!!
    I'll be posting my replacement fix on thingiverse.

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