IDEAS no more Bed adhesion problems for me

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    the main issue iv had with all my printers is bed adhesion, parts either come off mid print and fail to even start, super clean glass has work but its never been consistent day to day and just leaves me pissed off more times that i can count.
    i used to use glue stick bus found it a pain with keeping a nice level base and it pushing plastic around if not dfully dry

    so i got a can of a rubber / plastic dip kinda spray paint for cars from halfords that you simply spray on and let dry , then when your bored of the colour you simply peel it off so i thought id give it a go with my printer so i removed the glass (if i can be asked most times i would spray it in place) and put a few coats on by the time the bed is heated to 60c its dry and ready to print and its good for single use nothing ever come off the bed and it stuck first time , but the problem its its £10 a can

    so at work one day i found a can of this paint filler it leaves a matt rough texture perfect for prints to stick to, and it is perfect on coat will last loads of prints and has perfect hold will dont ever move iv been using this for over 6 months printing almost every day with no issues of bad starts or prints lifting or coming off at all then when then bed is cooled down they simply pop off this stuff is amazing and pretty cheap (especially when a few cans are borrowed from work ) any one with sticking problems should give it a try . and it simply washes off with hot soapy water and a rough sponge .... or acetone if your inpatient like me :)

    20161104_141017.jpg 20161104_141032.jpg 20161104_141043.jpg
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    Cool. Thanks for sharing !
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    Another option:
    Use a Clever 3D PEI coated aluminium bed.

    Some advantages over glass coated PEI:
    *Aluminium thermal conduction is many times better than glass, so you can use the total bed surface instead of just using the center of bed.
    *No use of chemical, most products are based on products that are dangerous for health, and even drive to cancer.
    *No ABS juice nor UHU glue stick.
    *Easy part removal, no sticking at ambiant temp with most materials, you can remove ABS at 50°C
    *Clean it once a day with some alcohol for removing pollution (hands mainly) that can compromise adherence.

    There is a small drawback, heating time is longer, because you need 5/6 minutes to reach 100-110°C for ABS.

    Cost is around 50$ for a PEI coated aluminium bed see

    I must say that I have no interest in Clever 3D company other than sharing good practices...
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    The black version of the Clever3D print bed works really well with the IR sensor too.

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