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    After testing various nozzles, I discovered filament had seeped between the threads of the nozzle and heater block on the last change. I believe I performed the installations correctly following the instructions here:

    I tried my best to remove what I could from this nozzle below with flush cutters and a heatgun and paper towels but there is still residue on it that I am unable to fully remove. I would say I've been able to clean maybe up to 50% of the contact surface area of this nozzle but I've been unable to clean inside the heater block at all given the internal geometry. Now that there is a permanent amount of PETG between the heater block and any nozzles I install from now on, I'm a bit concerned that this will negatively affect heat transfer performance.

    Should I be looking to get another heater block?


    Many thanks.
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    <insert lawyer warning here about not doing something dangerous unless you understand the risk>

    A butane torch can be surprisingly good at cleaning the brass nozzles after a mess like that. Getting them red hot sometimes leaves the surprisingly clean.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the aluminum blocks can take that sort of thermal abuse. You could run an M6x1 threaded tap through the block to clear the threads.
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    Either a solvent that dissolves the plastic (I'm sure the web has something somewhere on this) or on external threads a wire or brass bristle brush combined with a little heat/solvent ) {NOT NOT NOT both} . Most of this type of solvent is very nasty.............minimum is very well ventilated or outside.

    There are two kinds of heat gun which may help, the paint stripping type which are MEGGA dangerous (they replace what used to be a paraffin power blowlamp) OR the type of mini heat gun that is used for desoldering components... like this...

    Both types will melt any kind of plastic (and your skin) and set fire to almost anything you point them at !

    Cheapest and simplest is buy some new nozzles and heat blocks and then you have time to refurbish the gungy ones :)
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