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Discussion in 'E3D-v6 and Lite6' started by Clayton Baker, Jul 12, 2020.

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    Jul 12, 2020
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    New to the forum but not to 3d printing.
    This is my 1st test drive with a hardened steel nozzle
    and decided to grab the Nozzle X for my Prusa MK3
    I pre-heated (defaults) for PLA.
    Loaded up the filament and noticed instead of it streaming down
    like most all other nozzle changes it curls right back up and
    sticks right back to the nozzle.
    I increased temp like 10 degrees and it continues to do this.
    I know I need a bit more heat but whats with the curling?
    Sorry I have used brass for years so Im just trying to
    beat this before it beats me :)
    Is it a heat things?
    The same filament out of a brass nozzle streams out just fine?
    Im going to move ahead with my 1st layer calibrations
    just in case it needs a surface to cling to but curious and
    would like some advice about this nozzle.
    I purchased it to reduce nozzle changes and be able to
    print abrasives like carbon petg and pla
  2. MadMan

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    Jul 14, 2020
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    The only times I've personally experienced the curling effect is when my flowrate is too slow or when there is something obstructing the orifice or otherwise hindering smooth flow. The Nozzle X has a coating which is supposed to enhance the flow as opposed to hinder however, there may be a slight burr which was left on the nozzle prior to the coating process, or even a small nick in the orifice causing chaos. Can you get the nozzle under bright light and magnification and inspect it thoroughly for damage? I'm not too familiar with the MK3 but I believe you have an all-metal hot-end which would lead me to believe the issue is below the heat break, and if you're only noticing it when using this particular nozzle well, that kind of narrows it down quite a bit. Also, as long as I'm rambling, coatings can be as terrible as they are terrific. On a drill bit for instance, it's best to avoid coatings like the oh so pretty golden colored Titanium Nitride or Black Oxide when drilling aluminum because the aluminum wants to stick instead of flow along the flutes. You may be experiencing a similar phenomena with your current flavor of PLA. Good luck, Have a day!

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